Thabiso Essein January kicks it with “I choose to serve TEJ”

TEJ Direct Marketing was established April 2017 but the owner of it was promoted 24 February 2017

“I joined the training program in cape Town trained by Gedion Peru, my owner is Skipper Mphahlele” Mr January said.

He continued to add more that his training program was a great journey and gathered a lot of information along the way and as he met many great leaders.
His drive was always his background home and his goal was to be happy ”

“I lost teams, I lost control, I lost hope, but I kept my patience” Essein continued to add.

After his promotion he was sent to Johannesburg to learn from Kevin De Souza from COD 5 all went well as learning from the Vice president of the company, He taught him one thing ‘Thabiso never switch off’ and that is what keeps him consistency all the time.He never did till today.He later moved to Bloemfontein to build a team so that he get promoted.He had
4 Trainers and they worked hard to make sure that goals are achieved. On the
09th October 2017 he then got promoted to ownership

Thabiso said that they learnt Bloemfontein culture and people and build a big office that is kicking .He then promoted an assistant manager called Definate Chikweya who is going to run his business and he is gonna be promoting Lusanda Mvotho to assistant manager very soon as she’s learning her COD4 in Johannesburg.

The goal for TEJ Direct Marketing is to end the year with an owner and 2 assistant managers.
The 2020 April Rally is to collect 6 awards and go with 2 owners and 2 assistant managers.
The goal is not to promote owners but THE BEAST OF OWNERS with no limits to run cities, to rule bulletins, to save money, to change lives and most of all to give people that are hungry for success the chance to be successful.”Enough is enough
,Trust me you are part of something great and you’re the best”Mr January said.

Source Charlotte Nzapheza

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