Know Your Artist: Eyetal Fyah

Eyetal Fyah took us back in the past to when he was but another kid in school with dreams of one day making it big in the music business.

“I started music at a very tender age playing marimba in primary school. Around 2006, started writing music. By 2008, the dancehall ‘fever’ had caught on and I started recording with the late Chawy bee. 2 years later I was introduced to Mount Zion Records and we compiled an album called ‘Heart is Hooked’ which did quite well in the streets.

By the year 2011 I had also started working with Knockout Records and we did hardcore dancehall which paved way for songs like ‘We Run Music’ which became a hit song even though that time the appreciation for hardcore was quite as it is in this present moment. I have also worked with producers like Obliq, Clay, Jmp,Mockery, Gallis, Jahfish, Nina, Geezy, Mbale and artists like Dashocca, Syncleer, Jahnoz, Dr. Murder, Unicaan”, said the 28 year old.

Since those initial years, Eyetal has grown in more ways than one as an artist and is part of a generation of acts who are determined and focused on taking local dancehall to the global market.

His 2018 singles collection proved to be a hit among dancehall music lovers and carried such tracks as ‘Pum Pum Phat Suh, Inna Mi Hole, Sick Inna Dem Head, Sidung Pon Mi Body, Murder Bwoy, Bad Genna, to mention but a few.

Apart from the singles collection, the chanter a ‘tour of the ghetto’, so-to-speak and did shows in areas like Warren Park, Dzivarasekwa, Mabvuku, Budiriro and Highfield, among others, where he showcased his immense talent.

“The tour was a success, it was called the Bad Genna tour and came to life through the support of my fellow helmet ambassadors Jah No and Syncleer”, said Eyetal Fyah.

As for 2019, the dancehall musician is focused on releasing more visuals and taking his brand to the international market.

“This year we are working on a double cd and we will be releasing visuals and more collabos are definitely coming. The idea is to also put out a bunch of commercial tracks at the same time in order to reach a wider audience.

“Currently we working on a couple of singles under the title ‘My Family’— a Mount Zion/Oskid Pro/Shellingz/Gallis production. We are targeting the international market mainly and that’s the reason why our songs are always in the universal language with more ‘patois’ in it to suit our genre of dancehall and reggae”, he said


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