Social media has proven that it can be a very useful tool to every business,over the last decade most companies have adopted social media(Instagram, Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, blogs)as a marketing platform for advertising their brands, we have also witnessed the rise to fame of individuals as they have become social media influencers because of a huge following and the creative content they provide for their followers.

One to look out for is Lewis John, a Zimbabwean SMI Founder of the online publication (ZimCelebs)an entertainment hub which he started in February 2017 to this date; it now commands a following of over 70 thousand Instagram users, they have managed to stay on top of their game by providing the latest trends, entertainment news, updates and advertising different brands on their platform.
” I started blogging as an experiment. I had several ideas that I was interested in that I thought I could be fairly good at in the entertainment business(music,acting,dancing etc) As an experiment it was wildly successful in that I learned so much about creating content, social media, branding, and the blogger platform.

ZimCelebs goal is to uplift new  talent by giving them a platform to showcase their work whilst giving established artists a home to engage with a broader audience, they have managed to attract a number of influencial artists to their platform,local clothing brands, music promoters and church leaders to name a few.

“If you use social media wisely you will enjoy the rewards,listen and get ideas from your audience (through their comments etc) have confidence in yourself and give value to others you will be able to accomplish all your goals”Lewis John


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