Beauty and Health at Zero Deposit 😉

What’s up Family!!!

Kahle welcomes you this early morning on a fresh new Monday of a fresh April. I hope you all haven’t entered the stress zone of being broke and all since we still starting the month. As for me, I can’t say much further. Well, today would like to share a few beauty tips and also healthy tips, actually it’s all evolving around one big umbrella tip that is combining 2 facts of our lives.

We all know we want to be called beautiful, look and feel beautiful and most of us are eager to buy anything that will make us be in that zone. It’s not bad, as long as you are being beautiful for your sake and not anyone’s because rule number one notes that “someone’s acceptance of you doesn’t give the value of you being a person.” So whatever you are going to do or use, be careful and be sure it’s for you not anyone else.

Here are the main products we should use in order to look beautiful and healthy. They cost nothing and absolutely don’t have any after medical stresses.

1. Smile

A smile is a language that anyone understand. At times you don’t need to be wearing a whole of make up, but you just need to smile. It takes a lot of muscles to frown and that strains our bodies ending up causing wrinkles and stretch lines, things that we don’t want to have. So in any situation, always wear a smile. It drives off negative vibes and also invite positive people around you. No one wants to pick a fight with anyone who is always smiling. Look like a dummy but knowing you saving yourself a whole lot of pressure on your body and your emotions as well as adding life to your health.

2. Prayer

Start everyday with a prayer. Always commit yourself to the Creator, he knows every vein and every system of your body. You being alive it’s because of grace, He is the best doctor. Give yourself to him and trust he has your back. That way all your problems will be taken care of. John 3 vs 17 “for God did not come on this earth to condemn the world, but the world through him shall be saved.”

Keep smiling, look beautiful and stay healthy in a natural cost less manner.

We care for you, Be the trend.



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