Summer Make_Up Buzz!

The most colourful season is finally here! its time to switch your make up game lighter for that glam summer look.

Its all about popping that colour,its time to get into our make up bag and get our favourate summer make up products which are affordable and worth keeping.

  1.  Liquid Foundation
    Our skin tend to get oily a lot in summer because of the hot weather,a liquid matte foundation that is waterbased is a must have
  2. Lipstain
    Its all about popping that coulor a bright lipstain is a must have trust me you will need it.
  3. Highlighter
    Whats a glam make up look without a perfect highlighter?Well we are going to leave it there,

We took out our 3 favourate make up essentials its now your turn to open your make up bag and give us your best 3 in the comments box below


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