Kahle! What’s New?

Be the trend! Kahle, as we bring you a new online magazine powered by BTN Media

BTN Media has jumped into the online creative space as we present to you our very own new online magazine KAHLE.
Chosing the name Kahle was random, we wanted an aunthentic name at first we had a whole list of english names which we thought were  in line with our brand but they could not stick out one way or the other, we then thought of our goal which is to celebrate being Pan African thats when different african languages came into mind and the name Kahle made the cut its a Zulu & Ndebele name which has two different meanings wait,Good

Our main aim is to be an African media hub that brings out the latest trends,entertainment at the same time being informative and celebrating the diverse african cultures around the globe.
We also aim to give our readers relevant content that is well put together by our team of writers and contributers.
As we are still new and open to growth we welcome any suggestions and contributions contact us for any creative contributions

Website: www.kahlemagazine.com

Contact: +27 84 614 4542 or 0733968435

Email : info@kahlemagazine.com


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