Celebrating 39 years of Independence in Masvingo…@Flamboyant Hotel

On the 13th of April 2019 at exactly 6pm, the city of Masvingo decided to throw in a pre birthday party for our nation Zimbabwe, celebrating 39 years of freedom and integrity. It was a great night, graced by different types of age groups from as 10 years old to 75 years and above and it’s actually a great feeling seeing the new generation celebrating together with the elders. It wasn’t just a simple night, there were a lot of activities to add flavor to the celebrations and that included, the main activity of the night, a beauty pageant Miss Independence 2019 Masvingo province, which had 7 districts being represented by ravishing beautiful women from the age 15 to 25 years. These districts included Mwenezi, Gutu only to mention a few. Not only was there a beauty pageant, there was the presence of energetic young upcoming artists who show cased their talents on the stage, managing to raise the spirits of the crowd in cheering towards their artistic actions. These included Ngonidzaishe who goes by the name on stage “Nyanzvi Yamanzwi” and he is definitely living to honor his stage name, for his Shona content swept a lot of people and his energy passed on each and and everyone who was present. Another great performance came from Baba Rah, who is a Reggae artist, energetic and good vocals. His entrance on stage brought a lot of screams from the crowd and when he was performing his songs, I could hear people singing along especially to the one called “Ndichakupa Rudo” which is quite a good song for the ears and can get you reach for your dancing shoes. Among these performances, it was a great honor to have female artists too, including Lisa who did a poet by the name “Rakaipei ziso” with much confidence and a voice that declared freedom for real and passion for her arts, as well as the Team Fusion who performed a song by the name “Moto ngaubvire” which was basically centered on encouraging the young ladies who were walking on ramp to let their light shine no matter what the circumstances look like.

Moving on to the woman who made this happen, the woman behind encouraging these young ladies to face the world and follow their passion, the woman who has managed to have the dreams of the young ladies and tried by all means to see them being fulfilled, although facing challenges from the models themselves as well as the community, she has stood firm and her name is none other than Miss Gayly Mhonderwa, the director of MGM modelling agency. To support her vision and passion towards developing the minds and strength of these young ones, was none other than the Guest of Honor, Chief Provincial Development Officer, Mr Fungai Samuel Mbetsa, a fully grown man who is energetic and friendly as well as supportive. I know of people of his age who will never make time to be on an event from 6pm to midnight, among young people, for they consider it wasting time, but for our one Mr Mbetsa it was a way of noticing the talents the youths have and also appreciating their zeal towards the pride of the nation demonstrating this through short plays of the liberation war and staging military activities, things they only read and heard about but took interest in. That shows young people are also patriotic. To Mr Mbetsa this was an honor and to our young people it was an honor too to have him gracing the event. In his speech, he quite made it clear that he is willing and passionate to work with the youths towards developing our nation and most importantly Masvingo Province and in his speech he gladly announced that Masvingo is open for business. To sum up his passion and zeal towards supporting youths, he gladly joined the dance floor together with his assistants and danced to a song by Enzo “Magate ” in a way that left the crowd speechless and only ululations.

What’s an event without a Master of Ceremony? Masvingo is blessed to have one energetic short guy who is passionate about his career and knows how to relate with his audiences. Pesy Musara defines his identity and to make sure he leaves an unforgettable memory is his determination. Folks I would say he is also the best guy to surrender your wedding programmes to and also the best person to be a munyai for he is just charming in his own ways. We don’t forget to give a thumbs up to the Disc Jockey who was mixing good sounds and had the best equipment to make the event live and kicking. Before we forget, we know every birthday party must have a cake and Masvingo has proven to be the best on celebrating Zimbabwe’s 39 years with a party and a cake that was served to almost everyone who was on the event, with the young models as waitresses in camouflage, I would say since cake it’s delicious, this imitated the liberation that we are now celebrating that was served to us by our fallen heroes as well as those still among us.

To close up this article, we would like to say Congratulations to all the women who made sure the people saw a spec of what they hold, who stood up and closed their eyes to what the community will say and followed their passion, women who knew only 6 people were to win awards but came in their numbers to take part in the competition.

Congratulations to
Queen Miss Independence 2019 Masvingo – Natasha Zvaremhaka
1st Princess – Medlyne Chireva
2nd Princess – Nicky Dracose
Miss Culture – Maya Kamashandu
Miss Personality – Shereen Selemani
Miss Lucky Draw-
Miss Youth – Shamah Mawoko
Those who did not make it, don’t lose hope always remember Rome was not built in a day, keep moving, quitting is not an option.
Gratitude to all the people who were cheering for our young ladies as well as our director Miss Gayly Mhonderwa and everyone else who made this happen.

From Kahle family we gladly say
Happy alerted 39th Birthday Zimbabwe.
Halala 🇿🇼 Zim💖💖🙂


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