Upcoming Zim Hip hop artist, DroCole is beyond excited to announce the release of the first single off his debut mixtape entitled “Gutta Plan” dropping in September, 2018.

The project’s first single is called “Born To Reign” and is set to drop this Friday, August, 10, 2018 via DroCole’s SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

Building up to the release of his mixtape, on September 8, 2017 he did a double drop, releasing a hot banger “Pound Sterling,” where he showcased a catchy flow filled with playful chants and the hard-hitting track, “A Milli” where he outlined his intentions and ambitions, both as a rapper and as a young black male.

DroCole is a Hip hop artist currently residing in Juliasdale, a small resort town in Nyanga, Zimbabwe. He began his musical journey in 2011 as a ghost writer. DroCole started recording in 2013, however due to financial constraints and the fact that he was still schooling, he failed to balance his obligations and would later that same year decide to pursue music full time. He attended Ellis Robins Boys’ High School in Mabelreign, Harare.

The rapper drew his inspirational waves from artists like T.I., Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Ace Hood, The Notorious B.I.G. and Big L, just to name a few. He also gained inspiration and confidence from complimentary views that were glued to his musical works. People would pass positive remarks such as “you killed it” after listening to his music, particularly due to his energetic and aggressive style of delivery so he began calling himself the “archetype deadly rapper.”

The rapper has released a chain of singles, worked with a number of fellow upcoming artists and producers like Fun. F, Quazor, Tha Kanivore, Splits Loui and C. Bleech from Mutare, and his debut mixtape is his most focused and polished material yet and Hip hop fans should expect flames and joy that will be contagious in the music arena!




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