If you are a rapper, a singer or even a record producer in the music industry today, you must well know that collaborations with fellow artists are undoubtedly essential should one wish to grow big and learn from others. So here are some of the reasons why artists come together to collaborate.

They want to grow their fan base. If you make a song with another artist, you’re going to be exposed to their fans and if their fans like your style they might become fans too. This goes both ways like a kitchen door! 

The second reason is that artists want to build connections because in this industry one just cannot do it on their own. In this game connections are everything. You have to know someone who knows someone important that you don’t know. That’s how you get plugged in!
Another reason is to learn from each other and to create something dope and different. Don’t feature someone on your track simply because you have gone blank and just need a verse to fill up your track. Collaborate with somebody whose style effortlessly compliment your original sound or at least the sound you wish to produce on a particular project.


Collaborations with others will probably bring out the best in you, especially in a genre like Hip-hop, you want to make sure you go hard. You don’t wanna be nobody’s b*tch. You know how the game go!
So basically musicians collaborate to further their audience reach and for old cats, it’s probably to prolong their relevance. Nowadays I doubt it’s ever about the need to create awesome music or respect for the other artist’s work anymore. It’s mostly about business; the money, which is why your features need to be strategic.
Please don’t waste time and energy and perhaps your money working with somebody who isn’t good enough. This ruins your whole image and just slows you down and you just can’t afford that. You’re on a mission, right? If you’re serious about your craft and if you ever ponder about where you wanna take your music, you’re going to try and act in a professional manner and that includes working with like-minded people. Work with somebody who takes you one step ahead. It doesn’t matter how big or small their fan base might be. Quality over quantity is eternally respected.


Lastly make sure that when you collaborate with someone they also push the music you make together as they would their own. Remember what matters is that good music and that it reaches the right people for significant progress to be realized. Point being, pay attention to who you work with and work hard. Surround yourself with people that build you and learn to work with others in humble manner. Maintain a teachable posture, that’s how you learn.


Till next time, work on that fam. Let’s make great music and make money from it in 2018!

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