Artist Bio: Dapper




“I make music to motivate and change people’s lives for better, through messages contained in my lyrics. I make music to create a better world ”


  • Full names: David Sithebe
  • Age: 23 (1996,02,20)
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation:     Rapper, Songwriter,   Dj & Producer
  • Marital status:     Single
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height : 5,2




My Background Story

My name is David Sithebe a.k.a DapperSA. I was born in Baragwanath Hospital and raised in Johannesburg (Motsoaledi). I grew up in love and passionate about music at the age of 11, after I joined the choir. Then I released my first single titled “young nigga” at a fragile age of 12 and produced music a year later. In the process of nurturing my passion for music, I learned how to deejay. My first performance was at Thaba Jabula high school where I wowed the crowd. I founded my stage name, Dapper, from my Primary School teacher as I used to wear smart and neat clothing.

I started a crew known as F. I. M(Fusion immortal crew) early in my Music journey. My crew and I  released a mixtape titled” let it glow ” Which was enjoyed by many people who supported us.  I later joined Zibele entertainment record label and released a mixtape titled” the war “.  I scored a deal with Urban Magazine owned by a Nigerian Man pioneer.

Afterward,  I formed another crew named BBS but we only worked on 4 songs which were banger hits.  Currently, I worked with Zibele (The QUEEN actor) and managed to get an online interview from urban Magazine and Eldos Fm. Currently, I’m working on my mixtape titled SAVAGE GUY. The project will feature amazing musicians such as Yung Jafu, Man Been, and many more.

I always deliver good and impressive music for my fans and I always receive motivational feedback from my audience. The greatest advice I received was “let quitting be your worst enemy”.



Contacts Details

Cellphone:   0612162754

Facebook:   DapperSA

Instagram:  Ambitious DapperSA

Twitter:      @DapperAmbitious



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